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    I've been trawling the net for info on a uk tv play, late 70's early 80's. I cannot for the life of me remember its title.
    It involved a bunch of 1920's young toffs going for a wild weekend at an old empty mansion somewhere in England. Strange things start happening, water pipes make very strange noises, shadows are seen under doors to empty rooms and a victorian doll makes an appearance. One of the party goers dreams of being taken to an asylum by the doll to see what happened to its once owner. When this individual refuses to investigate further, the doll starts bumping off the residents one by one. I remember the doll had particularly sharp teeth!
    The final scene involves the survivor/s making their escape in an old car which had a wicker picnic basket on the rear seat, the viewer sees a dolls hand push open the basket from within, the camera draws back and the car starts wobbling all over the place, the End!
    Please, does anyone know what the play was called? Victorian dolls have given me the jitters ever since!

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    I think this is a film from 1974 which has three different titles. I've seen it on television as "Ghost Story" but it also goes by the name of "Asylum" and "Madhouse Mansion". None of those names are very original, so finding it on the net would be difficult if it weren't for the fact that I remembered Penelope Keith was in it, (as was Marrianne Faithfull apparently).
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    Thanks M.I.K!
    4 years later and i've just found the thread I posted, saw your reply and I've just ordered it on for 10.99. I'm usually tight when it comes to forking out for DVDs but I'm happy to pay the money this time. Thanks again!!

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    Christ',thats a big gap!
    "poor is the man who's pleasures depend on the permission of another"

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