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Thread: Christmas as a kid

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    Default Christmas as a kid

    Well how about discussing what we all had for xmas,when we were young

    I can remember from the age of 6 but not before

    A walkie talkie Doll
    Sweet shop
    Pastry making set
    Till and toy money
    Sindy and Paul her red sports car
    Jigsaw every year
    More dolls had one that use to giggle
    When I was 11 got a record player
    When I was 14 got a cassette tape recorder
    Toy phones

    Didnt have many gagets around in them days not like today

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Here's a few that I can remember
    Super striker
    Chutes away
    Various action man vehicles and figures
    Star wars deathstar
    Scalextric Rally cross(the one with the minis)
    Various Airfix kits

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Etch-a-Sketch and a Chad Valley Record Player come immediately to mind.

    I also recall the Christmas there was a box, about a foot square, sitting under the tree and with my name on it. I would have been about 11.

    I tried picking it up to get an idea of how heavy it was but my Dad discovered I'd touched it and said, "Oh! You haven't disturbed the air holes have you?" He then put his hand round the back of the box and said, ", I think they're alright. But please don't touch!"

    I sort of knew he was joking. Or was he? Could the contents be alive? Surley not.

    It turned out to be a portable black and white TV. I was actually quite relieved!

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Roller Skates
    Miniture China tset
    Anyone remember high heels plastic shoes with glitter on them
    Stationery sets
    Paint by numbers
    Blackboard and chalks

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Lots of different memories:

    The odd little things that came in Christmas stockings... Which were blue and white football socks (my Dad's old ones, I now realise... I never thought about it before.)

    Oddest perhaps, for more two years, a "press out-and-make" WW2 battle scene book. (I have hunted for such, but never found its like. A thing of its time)
    Most effective for keeping us kids quiet on Christmas morning
    (we had the big present opening after Christmas Dinner)
    were Waddington's Panoramas. All those little Letraset transfers, choosing where they should go, how the battles should play out.
    The original black and white ones were the best, in my memory.
    Moonbase, Pirate Island, Wild West...
    Waddington Panoramas - Adventure
    "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Ghostbusters Ghost Zapper (around 1989).

    Spinhead Beetlejuice figure and Vanishing Vault playset.
    Bart Simpson bubble bath.
    Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles electronic game (all 1991).

    Hasbro WWF electronic wrestling ring (around 1992).

    Lego Technic remote controlled car and buggy (around 1993).

    Sega Mega Drive with Sonic the Hedgehog.
    The Lion King action figure sets.
    Hanna-Barbera Animation Workshop for PC (all 1994).

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Ok,lets see.This is hard.

    A wendy house,a talking Mickey mouse,six million dollar man tee shirt,a twin silver cross buggy,dolls,my grandpa did up the little wooden cot I had and my gran draped it all for my baby doll.a golden arrow bike.Can't think of anything else,if I do,I will let you know.


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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Hard to remember a lot of stuff but the main things were:-

    Beano and Dandy Annuals every year without fail.
    One year I got a Pink Panther Annual and a Scooby Doo annual too.
    Electric Train Set.
    Portable b&w Ferguson TV - I had that in 1973 and it still works!
    Raleigh Arena racing bike
    Raleigh Grifter bike (silver)
    Aneroid Barometer
    Vertical hi-fi centre with glass door
    Nookie Bear toy
    Kermit the frog toy

    There's loads I forgot about.
    Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time.

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    My most fondly remembered pressies are :

    Tiny Tears
    Action Barbie
    Sindy's Horse
    Patch's Pony
    Rosebud Kiddle Kologne
    Barbie, Francie and Stacey Dolls
    A 2 foot tall princess type doll

    'Dreams come true if you want them to'

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    Default Re: Christmas as a kid

    Wow, this had me really thinking back. Here's some of the best bits:

    Ghostbusters figures, car and fire station
    Mouse Trap (Legendary board game!)
    Beano/Dandy/Dennis & Gnasher annuals
    WWF wrestlers & ring
    Ninja Action Man
    Sega Gme Gear with Batman Returns & James Pond 2
    Wind-up Christmas toys
    PS1 games
    Wallace & Gromit plastacine set
    Goalkeeper gloves/football shirts
    Balaclava & Wooly gloves (Got these in my stocking many years back!)

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