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Thread: Late 70s/early 80s childrens book series

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    Default Late 70s/early 80s childrens book series

    My cousin had a hardback book series that I loved to read when I visited. They were stories based round a boy character and I think the illustrations may have been in pastels or some paint effect. The character had a name like Alfie and may have been American (I think I remember a reference to walking blocks instead of streets but I could be wrong). The most vivid memory I have is the book where he gets into a fight and makes the other boys nose bleed then has bad dreams/fantasies about the blood and his guilt until he apologises. Does that ring any bells?!

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    Default Re: Late 70s/early 80s childrens book series

    Would it be the Shirley Hughes 'Alfie' books you're thinking of Costello? Lovely illustrations in them.

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