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Thread: ooo gary davis on your radio

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    Default ooo gary davis on your radio

    child of the very early eighties here -

    used to listen to the radio one breakfast show in the mornings untill i almost missed the school bus.

    mike read was a favourite, always playing obsure records - who remembers

    boys go dancing
    i want to be a cowbuy
    chain of disaster?

    they had some very silly jingles back then

    i remember hiding a transistor radio in the desk then trying to write down the chart positions of a tuesday lunchtime while looking out for teachers.

    "Spandau Ballet are still number one!!!!!!!"

    whole class breaks out into a chorus of True, followed by "do you think the teachers heard us?"

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    Default Re: ooo gary davis on your radio

    I remember just after lunch one Tuesday at school, someone came in and told me Kraftwerk were at Number One. I didn't believe them. But it's all true.
    "Me fail English? That's unpossible!"

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