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Thread: Ex-Rugby league player based 70s drama?

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    Default Ex-Rugby league player based 70s drama?

    I can vaguely recall a drama based on a Rugby league player,(..who I think had either switched codes or had gone professional?)..but what ever he'd done he was shunned by his home town when he returned.

    Anyone any thoughts on what it was called....

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    Default Re: Ex-Rugby league player based 70s drama?

    This could be a series called FALLEN HERO

    He was getting shunned by the sporting community for 'what he did' (can't remember) but just as he was going to crack with the pressure he won the pools!

    Rest of series was about his family problems and his club realising that now they really needed him but he wasn't bothered cos of his cash

    I remember him staggering drunk over the rugby pitch in middle of the night while clapping and chanting "Gareth, Gareth" so that must have been his name (Welsh accent?)
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    Default Re: Ex-Rugby league player based 70s drama?

    That's the one!!...

    ..Arr..So if he was Welsh,he would've probably(possibly?) gone over to league then...

    Thanks again for that...

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