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    Darts was a nine-piece doo-wop band who were popular in Britain in the 70s and early 80s. At their height, they had three successive number-two hits in the chart. The band members consisted of Den Hegarty, Griff Fender, Rita Ray and Horatio Hornblower, plus Thump Thmpson, George Currie and John Dummer, and later Hammy Howell and Bob Fish (all great names, we think you'll agree!). After breaking through on the radio, the Darts managed to get signed by the record producer behind the mega-successful Monkees. They perfomed a number of cover songs, such as 'Come Back My Love' in 1978, 'The Boy From New York', and followed these hits up with original material in the form of 'It's Raining'. A few band member re-jigs later and some more original hits, and Darts had made their name. In 1981, Hegarty left the band to pursue a career in television presenting, with a slot on one of the best shows ever - Tiswas!


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    Darts were SO GOOD. I Miss them, apparently they still do the odd Gig at resorts etc. I saw their live site

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