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Thread: Favourite christmas movie

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    For Real Christmas movies, the Muppet Christmas Carol tops it out, with Michael Caine playing it wonderfully straight.
    With Polar Express doing well for not being too sweet, and having superb animation.

    For the Traditional War Films at Christmas one must add The Heros of Telemark, starring Kirk Douglas's chin.
    It edges out Von Ryan's Express, the Bridge at Remagen and The Longest Day.
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    Definately The Wizard of Oz. Christmas night, Turkey sandwiches, playing with all my toys and its dark outside. Wizard of Oz on the telly in the background with all the adult laughter and singing, drinking babycham and snowballs.

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    die hard
    bad santa
    its a wonderful life
    home alone
    national lampoons christmas

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    The Wizard of Oz

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    All of the versions of A Christmas Carol, including the more recent "takes" on the storyline. Best for me is the one with Alastair Sim.

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    Easy,Albert Finney in Scrooge the musical,Muppets A christmas Carol,majority of films based on that story,since it's my fav.I also like the Santa Clause series and Fred Claus.My mum is here,hers is White Christmas.

    I do love a Christmas film,even in July!


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    This is not a movie but for me it has to be The Box Of Delights, it was an BBC 80's childrens fantasy i loved then and still love now at my age(38!) it is broken down in to episodes but i normally sit and watch the whole lot on christmas eve....magic!

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    Has to be Trading Places. I watch it every other Xmas. It's a classic film, very funny, and has lots of xmas stuff going on.

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    I love Trading Places. Even though it's not strictly a Christmas film the christmas time setting just makes it feel great to watch. I love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation too. The Grinch is also a favourite!
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    I always try to watch The box of delights in the 2 weeks up to christmas...if i remember correctly when it was first shown it spanned the week before christmas with the final episode which was set on christmas eve actually broadcasting on christmas eve, this in itself added to the sentiment.

    I also like to watch the children of green knowe which is set around the xmas school holidays.

    Film wise in blockbuster way would have to include Gremlins,Home Alone,Oliver! and finally Scrooge (the 70's musical version - maybe not the best but its close)

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