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Thread: Network DVD Christmas Sale

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    Default Network DVD Christmas Sale

    Most members will have seen the various links that usually spring up when someone enquires about a classic old series, and the possibility of a DVD release, and most links always seem to lead to one company..
    Network DVD
    They seem dedicated in getting releases for forgotten & hard to find classic Telly.
    They currently have a Christmas Sale on, so be quick..some bargains to be had..Complete Catweazle's for 6!! What a steal!!

    Hopefully the Xmas deadline has not been reached yet, as these would be great gifts


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    Default Re: Network DVD Christmas Sale

    ..and there's more.. the front page says The Complete Prisoner is only 32!!

    - Network DVD

    Get in quick!

    (please bear in mind this is Blu-Ray, so don't order if you don't have a Blu Ray Player)
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    Default Re: Network DVD Christmas Sale

    Oh my gosh think I'm going to have to buy some bigger stockings

    Quite a few titles there on my wish list the cult kids section is fantastic as is the drama. Great link thanks.

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