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Thread: Christmas When You Were Growing Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zincubus View Post
    I just wish they'd show that program where a popular celebrity goes to and chats with sick children in a hospital somewhere - I'd even settle for repeats from the 60's (Leslie Crowther ?)
    Yes, Crowther did it for the BBC in the 1960s, and on ITV for the first half of the 1970s, while Jimmy Tarbuck did the second half of that decade.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuggy14 View Post
    Very nice memories you have. I remember making paper chains and snowflakes, then decorating the tree. We didn't have much money to spare but we always had a nice Christmas. I'm 28 now and i still believe in Father Christmas!
    Nothing wrong still believing in Father Christmas as an adult. Keeps the magic alive.

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    Just thought I'd post a pic of some of my parents old Xmas decs that we were going through. Think they range from 50's-70's!
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    Roland rat and the like and Duppledown Farm and all these kids programmes and many others of the like - geared towards Kids are many an abiding memory for (like watching Herbie and Films and the like in the late 90s ... very lkate ones)!


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