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    Anyone remember the RailRiders club from BR?

    I joined and got a stack of vouchers for places you could visit and a voucher book for 50p off some travel tickets I think?
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    Wow! Great images
    Don't think I joined, but I did have a Young Persons Railcard

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    Me & my brother were in that for a few years, as were a couple of friends.

    I might still have some still from there, until a few years ago I had one of the magazines around but it might have been binned when my parents had a sort-out.

    I think my brother still had a wall chart to stick on all the stickers from the various places we visited.

    There were going to change this to stamping a membership book, but we had left before then.
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    I was in it too, I remember all those items you posted pics of, i don't think i ever used the vouchers though. I also remember getting the magazines.

    They also had a train named after Rail Riders too, here's a pic I took of the nameplate around 1984 when I was a nerdy trainspotter.

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    omg! the sight of the rail riders membership card brought it all back.


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    I remember that!!! I used the vouchers a lot.
    I also remember going on holiday to Scotland by train (it was the first time I had been on an Inter City 125) and spotted the Rail Riders engine (class 47) outside Aviemore. At the time I couldn't believe it. It was like I had won the lottery (if there had been one then). How sad was that. As I recall, whenever you spotted the engine you told the club where and when it was, and you would get some sort of prize (probably a badge or certificate) and a mention in the club magazine.

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    hi ,just joined doyouremember and i too was a Rail Rider, have still got my badge, , sticker stamps , voucher book , 3 star traveller sew on badges and star pin ons. lost membership card though and wish i could get another one , i do have a replica, printed off the web. i think i left just before the membership book came in so it could be stamped. love to get hold of a membership book --anyone know if i can find one?
    i`m a keen train, bus and car spotter and enjoy getting out and spotting them . also a keen I-SPYer and have a large collection of I-SPY BOOKS most in use,plus the new ones. anyone know where i could get a pic of the class 47 loco Rail Rider? also an eddie stobart fan and last friday STOBART RAIL loco 92017 was at bescot station near walsall. great!

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    A bit of an old post here, but a good memory. I was also a Rail Rider. Prior to being called Rail Riders, it was called The Great Rail Club. The 50p vouchers came in handy for shorter journeys, but not for longer ones. I well remember paying 3p return from Porth to Cardiff with one of these vouchers. The club was finally wound up when train fares started to rocket. They then felt 50p off did not make much difference. I also think membership was declining.
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