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Thread: nike jackets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletino View Post
    Cheers dude!

    I believe the rest of that ensemble was an original sky blue Adidas Tshirt with dark blue stripes, Grey Jumbo Chords and Reebok Royale trainers.
    Now it is a White T-Shirt or a white designed one like an Henley's/Bench and Grey Joggers and PW Trainers like say Stan Smiths at the worst/least Muletino mate

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    If anone had any pictures of your new ones you wanted to share to compare with the original versions - that'd be well ace I think as to me the Windrunners - not just Nike are the only product I think is better than the original from "back in the day"

    Considering too middle aged guys wear them (as I sense they did in their youth) what a flavour it'd add to this thread (if there is any fans out there) willing to show comparisons!


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