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    Has anybody got any witty, even normal, anecdotes about personalities from the 70s and 80s before they were famous??

    A gay friend of mine was hanging around a park in North London, cica 1980, looking for a bit of ...ahem, company, one summer's evening when he met a handsome young black chap. During conversation he asked him what he did for a living, he said he was a musician on the verge of the big time with his group. My friend asked him the name of his group, "Imagination" he replied !!

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    Ah cool, Scotchmist. I love hearing stories like that. I played with Sharon Corr as a child, I met Andrea and Caroline too. They were really pretty kids, even back then. My other friend and I had new puppies and we'd take them up to Sharon's house and we'd play with them.. I don't know anyone else famous really, though, I know Alvaro Lucchesi to say hello to, he was in 'Angela's Ashes'-the horrible fat cousin- 'Lamin Griffen' I think was his name.

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    I'm related to Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame.Our mums are Cousins and we used to go down to Somerset to visit when I was younger. He was into his music then (early 80s) and had a drum kit. I remember buying a 15 minute remix of Relax when I was down there and he put it on but his dad made us take it off when we said it was banned. Sadly his parents divorced so i've not seen him since 83. His dad used to drive for Rowntrees and he used to pop in with loads of freebies when up North.

    I'm also related to Sarah Jayne Dunn (Actress). Again, my Mum and her dad are cousins. Never met her though.

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    Dermott O'Leary of X factor and big brother fame used to work for channel 4 talking to audience members Qing outside the studios and hand Lollypops out to them, he asked me if i wanted to play Table football with Neil Tennent from the Pet shop boys, i told him where to go and he started laughing.

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