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I was in the Rugby team but i don't think that got me any slack, a few guys would pretend they "forgot" to put their tie back on after PE and would use that excuse if caught.

Our ties would also be frayed a bit at the thin end from "flicking" them at each other when getting changed.

We had another teacher who would tell you off for not having a shower after PE lessons and would sometimes stand by the shower to make sure everyone had one, sounds a bit wrong now though....
Some kids would just stick their head in so it was wet so when he checked he thought you'd been in.....
Yeah i had forgot about "just, sticking your head in the showers" Mulletino yeah .... that was a extremley common practice lol as too we had the scenario where Teacherss told you off for not having a Shower as you said above too mate

I couldf never frety my tie as so though - if done thin, not after all the effort and potiental harrasment of being told of and all the effort - at times we may of sqaured the end though to make it a straight end .... but it was'nt quite as cool/trendy as keeping the "V"!!!