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    I'm not sure if this is the correct title of this ITV drama. It was on circa 1978-1979 and was about a teenage couple falling in love at school, their parents didn't approve so they ran away. It tackled quite a lot of social issues at the time such as teenage sex and homosexuality, as they sought refuge with a gay couple from school at one point. It all falls apart for them when they realise that they are not mature enough to deal with the situation and wind up returning back to their respective homes. Anybody else remember this risque teenage drama??

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    You know, this is ringing lots of bells with me but I can't remember the title or anything more about it. I'm still searching though.

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    You are correct about the title and the synopsis although, IIRC, the girl moved in with the boy's family (albeit his dad played by Ray Brooks) in the last episode. David Bradley of "Kes" fame also had a role in it.

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    Two possibilities:

    1) A Bunch of Fives, which was a children's TV drama from ATV - very similar to Grange Hill and it probably influenced it.

    2) An LWT (or perhaps Yorkshire TV) Friday 9.00 pm drama from 1979 called KIDS - before my time, but I saw a YT episode of it and it seemed to be about social workers and kids being in care and all that. The title logo were formed as several people (probably kids) on the ground below with the camera focusing on them from above, while they made the shape that spelt out the word KIDS in the similar way that the 917 pigeons in Trafalgar Square made up the 1983 Good Morning Britain titles on TV-am, or the "face" in the 1989 British Airways advert. Read about it on the old TV Cream website circa 1999.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine Boy View Post
    You know, this is ringing lots of bells with me but I can't remember the title or anything more about it. I'm still searching though.
    Yes, I seem to recall seeing it at the time: Two People

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