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    I was very little so i cant remember much about the point of the game but there was a wind up dog like a dalmation and a red house/kennel that sat in middle and there was tiny little white bones that i think you scattered around the board? anyone know what i am talking about?

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    Was it Diggity Dog?

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    I have one or two candidates in my head, but am having trouble finding "proving" pictures.
    I think Diggity Dog /Woof Woof would be too modern... though it's the nearest to the description I found an image for!
    And the UK "Woof Woof " version does feature Dalamations on the box art:

    But I remember a game with a clockwork dog and a figure-of-eight(?) track it dashed around, which featured bones in some way...
    Never had it, just saw it at Toys-R-Us. It was aroiund for a nuber of years, if memory serves. Still hunting.
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    give the dog a bone...... i swallowed most of the bones!

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