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    I'm not sure if this is the correct title (I must be getting senile used to be able to remember these things with little effort!) but this was a very good kids' drama about tennis (surprised?). It concerned a cockney boy, Barry, who teams up with a young posh girl to practice his tennis but the class divide causes both of them a lot of grief. Anyway Barry is very good and has the potential to be a professional however he has an adversary in the shape of a throroughly nasty oik of a boy who eventually gets his cummupence. I think twas on around 1979-1980. It was very well acted and would be worth repeating. Have I got the title correct?

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    yes i remember it, but i thought it was called break point. about 1976/77 i think.
    I seem to remember it was about a kid from a poor background showing some talent, getting a scholarship to a tennis academy and having to deal with the other posh rich kids hostlity,
    I remember the theme music being the middle section from the track Autobahn by Kraftwerk. First time i ever heard Kraftwerk and was hooked ever since on synthesisers.

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    Twas indeed "Breakpoint"

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