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Thread: late 60's or early 70's childrens programme ?

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    Just listened to Tom Hark/Elias/The Piranhas (after all these years). Definitely NOT the theme tune to 'If You Were Me' - the subject of this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by hughesphilip View Post
    I think I have the details right that this was two series of 6 half hour children's ITV programmes transmitted in 1969 & 1970 once a week at 17:00 on a tuesday. It created and followed student exchanges - an early teen from the UK with a corresponding teen from one of the continental nations. One half of the programme filmed here in the UK, the other half 'over there'. The signature tune was VERY basic with lyrics which went (if my memory serves)

    'If You Were Me, See The Things I See
    If You Were Me, Where Would You Be?
    If I Were You, What Would I Do?
    If I Were You, I Think That I Could Do That Too'

    I used to rush home to watch it; great fun.

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    Hello from Turkey.
    Here's the programme and music After 8 years..

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