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I absolutely remember this paste in a pale blue tub with the spatula and the smell from working on crafts at my Grandmother's house early in the 1970s in Manchester. Every so often I smell something similar and it transports me back. I never knew the smell was almonds. I don't remember the name Affixofix and I can't find a single reference to that name on the internet at all, which is very unusually, how confident are you that this is the correct name? I would love to find something that smelled close to the same as the glue paste in the blue tub just for the memories it would invoke!
Yeah I remember that almond smelling glue and like the others here I can't remember what it was called either. It was white and came in a tub with a small plastic applicator, that bent as you scooped the glue out.

Weirdly I did a review of some pipe tobacco a few days ago and likened the smell of that blend to that paste we used back in the mid 60's.

If I remember rightly that glue was useless and didn't stick anything !