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    Default Model railway - hamleys

    (I have posted about this elsewhere but I feel it may have gone unnoticed).

    Does anyone recall the model railway layout that used to run around the stairway in the centre of HAMLEYs, London during the 1970s?

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    I was taken to Hamley's as child a couple of times in the late sixties and early seventies. I've vague memories of a model railway, but I'm afraid I can't help out with any specific details.

    I wonder if the shop holds the excitement for children these days as it did for me all those years ago.

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    No way is it still the same!!!! The big central staircase was replaced by boring escalators many years ago. The "James May Favourite Toys" show (when he is dealing with Meccanno which is now made in France), is filmed in the new style characterless Hamleys. The staircase was brilliant as kids could run up and down and watch the model trains go by. They were behind glass/plastic for protection. Hamleys was such a magical place in the 70s - I used to strain my eyes whilst walking down Regents Street looking for the Noahs Ark sign above the door. It was the place my Dad bought me my first ever Subbuteo single floodlight pylon!Click image for larger version. 

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    You obviously have some wonderful memories of the store.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alant View Post
    No way is it still the same!!!! The big central staircase was replaced by boring escalators many years ago...
    Yes thats right. Sorry, maybe didn't make it clear in my post. I was there in, I think, 2008. It's just that I got to wondering if when today's kids go in there with their dads, they are as much in awe of the displays, atmosphere and colour as we were as kids in the 70s.

    It may have been in Hamley's that I saw my first 'N' gauge railway layout. It was in a glass case about 5' x 4' and was like a minature town!

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