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Thread: Film title of SPLITSCREEN American movie

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    Smile Film title of SPLITSCREEN American movie

    Hi,i have always tried to find details about a film i saw on tv in the 70's when i was a teenager . It was almost certainly a Saturday morning film and all i remember was it was filmed in split screen format, it was as i remember some sort of whodunnit type murder film,seemed to be set in a large old wooden hotel on an American beachfront!
    The action was split vertically down the centre of the screen and was like watching two different views of the same film ,like what the baddie was doing in one frame whilst the victim unaware was in the other screen! I would really like to know about this film,not knowing has irritated me for years! Cheers Dave

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    Hi Dave and Vera. Try putting this in the Movie section, bound to be someone who remembers it.

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