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    Does anyone recall a kind of cover or 'holder' for 'Radio Times' and 'TV Times'? I think it may have been leatherette. It was like a binder with pieces of elastic in the spine. Each week, you could put your copies of the magazines inside it. My memory is from around the mid seventies.

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    Yes, we had a black plastic one, with a tasteful (for the time) pencil drawing in an insert on the front.
    We also had one of those large Brass magazine Racks (no so tasteful)

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    These are slightly older but gives a general idea

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    Wow, huggie. Those are rarther more ornate than the one I'm thinking of. I expect they got plainer in later years.

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    I was given a green leather Radio Times binder as a joke for my 40th birthday. They were available to order (limited edition I think) through the Radio Times.
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