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Thread: Embarrassing Moments

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    I come across this quite a bit - two women were shopping in Tesco a few years ago and was wearing t-shirts with "STAFF" written on the back, having working in a nearby shop that has those as uniforms. Despite the fact that it was more than apparent that they did not work there because of the different uniform, an elderly lady thought that they were staff because of their t-shirts and asked them where something was in the store.

    On a similar note, I was in Newquay trying to get back to Penzance, waiting for the bus to take me back - I was at the bus stop wearing a cagoule which was similar to what the bus drivers wear down in Cornwall. I was at the front of the queue and someone asked me if I was the driver! I did tell her that I was just another passenger of course.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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    Love this thread...Something that I have never forgotten, and was VERY embarrassing at the time happened to me early one morning whilst rushing to get the train for work. In order to get to the station I had about a 10 min walk, this particular morning I was rushing to make it as I was running late and in a bit of a flap, It was a cold morning with lots of ice on the ground (so I should have known better than to run!) I was making my way at a quick pace up the cut way I had to use, as I gained speed very near to the end I felt my legs sliding out from under me, I'd hit an icy patch, the cut way was bordered by two tall hedges and unfortunately was just the right width for me to become wedged scissor style by both legs, one on either hedge, I looked down and saw my tights were doing the splits and my tights were all laddered...oh the glamour!! I was bright red in the face with shock, and then to my horror I looked up and there was a man getting in his milk bottles looking at me in astonishment, he just stared at me, then went back indoors! I was so embarrassed but picked myself up and just about got to the station in time

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    When i was about 10 i was climbing on a wooden fence, it was about 6ft high and made of very thick posts, when i wanted to get down i jumped, my jumper got caught on one of the posts and i was actually left dangling, i was more embarrassed than scared, a passing builder came to my rescue and unhooked me and lifted me down, my parents tried to trace him to express their gratitude but he never came forward.

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    I split my trousers on a school trip once!
    Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas - go figure!

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