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    I remember seeing a trailer for Tomorrow's World and they mentioned something about 3D sound. Because I'd just bought a NICAM VCR and had it pumped through the stereo, I thought I'd watch it. That was when I first heard Bomb The Bass. They'd done a special 3D remix of 'Winter In July' to show the effect off to its full. When I heard it, it was like seeing colour TV for the first time (yeah I remember that). The sounds seemed to spin around the living room. Bear in mind this was way before 5.1 home cinema. I've still got it on video somewhere. I went out and bought the CD, only to find the 3D mix wasn't on it. Still good though.


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    All that stuff in the late 80s was great - Bomb The Bass, Coldcut, Krush, MARRS etc etc. It shook the charts up, and they needed it because the rest of the Top 20 scene was dire: Stock Aitken and Waterman acts, and teen singers like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. UGH! (Notice I say Top 20 - other great music was still being made, but not making the charts.)

    When 'Beat Dis' entered the charts from nowhere something like number three, it was brilliant because it was up against 'I Think We're Alone Now' and 'I Should Be So Lucky'. I remember it felt like Tim Simenon was fighting a battle on behalf of music fans everywhere against total guff that was like 'the Anti-Music'. Brilliant uses of new technology, it had been heard before in the MARRS record, but Tim's stuff seemed more immediate and powerful.

    He's still out there, creating musical art. He's one of these people like Paul Hardcastle who just do what they like, and maybe have a brief spell in the spotlight, but won't compromise and bow to the latest fashions just to keep having hit singles. Good man.

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    I really liked Bomb The Bass. Their 'Into The Dragon' album was really good. The track 'Don't Make Me Wait' is a glorious mix of British Hip-Hop and Bubblegum Pop. The 12" version shows this off brilliantly. I loved that whole genre. Simon Harris was another great artist along with The Beatmasters and Coldcut. A great time in music.
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