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    I don't know if anyone else remembers these; I can't and I can't stop thinking about it. I know these cassettes were for children. They were bright yellow with a white label on them with I think there were two kids with yellowish hair.

    I don't know if they were Christian tapes or just about learning different things for kids and morals. I remember two specifically, one labeled 'Cleanliness' and the other 'Responsibility.' They would sing songs and one went "my responsibility his responsibility, he's my personal D-O-G and that's why I'm taking responsibility." The other one went "Do you know ole Grandpa Gum? Doesn't have a tooth in his head? Cause when he was very young, nobody ever said Brush your teeth each morning brush them every night brush them after eating keep them clean and white." The last one went "The lonely germ is very small he likes to come and ? you. He'll make you sick make your whole body hurt so beware of the lonely beware of the lonely beware of the lonely germ."

    Please help!

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    Someone on here will know what these are but I don't remember them. Can you remember roughly what year these were out?

    Oh ...and Welcome to DYR!

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    They sere the Standin tall series by Janeen Brady. I LOVED them! I think there were 9 or 12 in all and I found a website where you can purchase them.
    What a fun memory. I still sing the Grandpa Gum song to my kids as they brush their teeth!

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