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Thread: Does anyone remember this advert?

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    Default Does anyone remember this advert?

    It involved a a hairdressers and someone cracked an egg on someones head!??

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    Default Re: Does anyone remember this advert?

    I'm not sure about this, but I think I might know the ad you're talking about. It was often on in the 90's, I was at college at the time & I recall mentioning it to a girl there. It was a shampoo/conditioner advert, L'Oreal, Pantene or something like that. A woman's voice is heard saying 'I tried everything, but still I wanted more', as a little girl is shown having her hair washed by her mum, first with egg yolk & then with wine. The idea of it is basically that nothing you can try will have the same results as the product being advertised. Incidentally, has anyone on here ever had a go at egg yolk shampooing, I have?

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    Default Re: Does anyone remember this advert?

    I vaguely remember a shampoo ad from the late 80's where a woman is doing all kinds of bizarre things to her kids.One of them was cracking an egg on her daughters head another has a boy I think strapped to a chair and hair gel type stuff squirts out of a machine onto his head and he reacts in shock as if he's been electrocuted.

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    I had a feeling I'd spotted it on youtube and did a search.The ad I'm talking about appears at 1.23.Is this the one you remember?This is from Irish tv but the ad is probably British.
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    Default Re: Does anyone remember this advert?

    I am sure that in around 1989 WHSmith advertised "back to school" items with a man's head - "your mates will think you're an egghead" is mentioned as an egg is cracked on his bald head. I know that Steve Coogan was involved in the stationery adverts at that time, and so he could have been involved in that one. Children's ITV ad breaks used to show them.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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