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    The boy who turned into a dog! It was brilliant, based on a book of the same name by Allan Ahlberg. I seem to remember Susan George played his mum? Later series with different dogs were never quite as good. In general, there would be a moment in every few episodes where Eric (dog-boy!) discovering his changing into a dog is caused by adrenaline, and he would meet with an adult (played by Anthony Stewart Head) who has the same problem! This was before mr Head was in Buffy the vampire slayer! There have been 4 dogs used over the years. Pippin was the first, who was the offspring of one of the dogs who played Benji.


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    The name of the show was familiar but had to look on youtube to be reminded - wow that brought back memories! I remember the original 2 series in the 80's, but not the later versions with the different dogs. Totally loved watching it.

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    The series was filmed, Jamie Johnson-style, in Nottingham (Just like a lot of Central TV series are) - West Bridgford was one of the areas where it was filmed. I know that they also filmed inside the Victoria Centre and also the dog was seen on the staircase of the defunt Coop department store which was on Upper Parliament Street.

    Allan Ahlberg was obviously famous for his "Happy Families series" of children's books - I didn't know he wrote Woof! as well. Did have connections with Nottingham, I wonder?
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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