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Thread: Imperial Leather Advert

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    Can anyone remeber the Imperial Leather advert shown in the mid 80's I think, of a family on board a space ship or space station... they were all having a separate bath and they were sliding the bar of Imperial Leather soap to each other via a small slide between the baths... anyone remeber this at all?

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    Hi Jared, Yep I remember lol, very quirky advert too amazing tho how they never dropped it :/

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    I never saw that one but it sounds good heh
    Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional

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    I remember the same or similar add

    where the label of the soap was shown off because it stopped the soap sliding about (the imperial Leather label was in the centre of the bar)

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    I remember this ad too
    nothing on youtube tho
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    Have you heard how clean it gets you?? pass it on, pass it on Though I thought it was Palmolive? either way its from the sliding soap ad.

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    I remember the earlier one in the private jet.

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    I remember one of these ads where the family are residing in a luxurious alpine lodge. As the man of the house is reclining in his bath with his IL lather his wife exclaims "isn't it getting a bit chilly dear?", he picks up the phone and calls the butler to put another log on the fire. Through the window of the villa you see a couple of large fir trees being felled.

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    Omg I can't believe this ,my daughter was in this ad filmed at sheperton studios 1980 she was the little girl in the bath called Nicola Ramsey she made lots of tv commerials Mary Tamm was in it too ,the butler was called Simon but I can't find a copy of it anywhere .

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    There was this advert for Imperial Leather circa 1984-1985 with a family having a bath together - the only privacy they have is that they have separate compartments for their baths. I vaguely remember some train they were on passing very quickly from the outside and the family were inside it. To quote the old TV Cream website circa 1999: "this was done without a whiff of the Social Services being called". Could it be the same one?

    For some reason, I have memories of a showing of it being on during a commercial break of a Tuesday evening film in the Central TV region just before I had a bath myself - it might have been 1984 because I associate the memory with a day trip to Skegness with school which was probably the next day or next week.

    And of course, there was that star-studded Julie Walters in a white bathrobe doing one or more Imperial Leather adverts from around 1990-1992 with that "things have never been worse" or what the lyrics were. Saw a YT ad break the other day with that on it.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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