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Thread: Saturday morning TV before...

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    Default Saturday morning TV before...

    Tiswas and Swap Shop.

    I think we all probably remember Saturday Scene with a pre-Tiswas Sally James (oh boy, did I ever want to win that Martian Landau, Barbara Bain Space 1999 compo ) but what about before that and what about on the beeb? I have a vague memory of Ali Bongo introducing shows on BBC1 and the Partridge Family being on. I also remember watching H.R.Pufnstuf for the first time in colour around a friends house when we still had b&w (that must have been very early 70s) but for the most part it's all a bit of a blur.

    Anyone else or do I take the cowards way out and just find some old copies of the Radio Times.

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    I have a vague recollection of a television programme which I think may have had Ali Bongo in it. I think it had something to do with the Magic Circle and there was a cat puppet who wore a fez called Ali Cat.

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    i remember that and have just bought the complete series of H R PuffnStuff on dvd.

    I can remember Batman being on and also the Double Deckers.

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    SATURDAY that was when i'd first seen BATMAN on it....there was an animated show on it called JUNGLE TED & THE LAZY BUTTONPOPPERS(!!!)...A year or so later we'd had PLANET OF THE APES, THE MONKEES, THE FANTASTIC FOUR , THE BEACHCOMERS, THE FUNKY PHANTOM, SPENCER'S PILOTS to name but a few....

    Whilst BBC had CASEY JONES, ZORRO,THE AERONAUTS( I still have an annual of this ), CAMP RUNAMUCK & MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN ( the latter 2 appearing before GRANDSTAND!!)

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    I remember Saturday mornings with Banana Splits with the DILLY SISTERS ,Bez the Beast and the Cuckoo Clock ah! Memories

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    I used to love watching 'The monkees' on saturday mornings, and 'The banana splits'. I watched them on a black and white portable tv in my parents bedroom. Ahh the memories!

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    Default Re: Saturday morning TV before...

    Some time in the first part of the seventies there was Ali Bongo's Cartoon Carnival, on BBC1, just before Grandstand. Don't remember any cat, but I do remember his dog, Oscar, a glove puppet made from a pair of socks. I got a pair of my own socks and made my own Oscar, except he had no eyes or nose.
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    Oh YES! The Banana Splits! Still makes me laugh now, wish they would post some more episodes on Youtube!

    ZOKKO - The Pinball Machine that was sort of a Pop Music Programme, that's 1970! Very early memory that!

    How about the Whirly Birds? Fabulous black and white series made in the USA they flew those little perspex bubble type helicopters Bell or Sioux I think?

    I remember Ali Bongo too and Oscar the dog! Didnt Ali Bongo wear a fez?

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