I made this up at another board but thoguht i'd post it here -without editing it ........ Al watched the events of the kidnapping live on BBC World News How could those girls be so cruel? How could they kidnap ben and Colin and have their way with them...and not kidnap Al as well? Cut to the quick,Al went outside to give xmas presents to his true friends,the animals The wild birds were given a new birdbath and a huge bag of sunflower seeds. The old pigeon alone in the aviary was given the latest issue of PLAY PIGEON magazine,and the snail on the front door step was given a nice,fresh lettuce leaf. In return the wild birds gave Al a concert he'd never forget and pooped all over the nasty neighbours' car .They promised to do that every day and night. The old pigeon pulled some of it's tail feathers out and made Al a beatiful feather duster and...sweetest of all...the snail slimed " MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR,"on the step.