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Thread: Neighbours TV show Trading Cards.

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    Back in the 80's many Aussie kids were addicted to the popular soap opera Neighbours. Due to the shows popularity & an obvious market, Neighbours Trading/Collector cards were sold. The shows first few seasons were immortalized with character and scene cards that were sold in packs of 5-10 cards (I believe they also came with a stick of pink bubble gum!!) The rarest and most sought after cards were cards that memorialized the now internationally known celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Guy Pierce and Jason Donovan who's careers blossomed as the shows popularity increased on an international scale. Character Cards depicting the actors/scenes seen during the shows first few seasons were available. The most popular characters of the time such as 'Charlene Ramsey' played by Kylie Minogue had several cards depicting varying scenes from seasons 1-5. Even the less popular characters such as 'Mrs Mangle' 'Helen Daniels' and 'Bouncer the Dog' were depicted in the trading cards. Some awkward teenage moments from the early series were captured in card form. One such card was the 'plain Jane the super brain card' which depicted the nerdy but underestimated charcter 'Jane Harris' (played by Annie Jones.)The only character still currently in the show featured in the 1980's trading cards was Stefan Dennis (as a very young Paul Robinson.)A full set of trading cards contained around 150-250 cards. Cards were available in most department stores, paper shops and newsagents. Packs were reasonably priced and came in a blue pack with the Neighbors T.M logo on the front of the pack.


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    I'm surprised we didn't have the trading cards in the UK. Perhaps Panini put their foot down as they had their Neighbours stickers out.
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    strange why they where never ditributed over here in the uk.
    perhaps it was not as popular over here as it is now and thats why they did not bother.

    but up to 2 hundred and fify cards thats amazing.

    something id like to have as i love neighbours.

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