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Thread: Worst (Funniest?) Thing I Did At School

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    As you would expect I was very well behaved at school

    There was one time I did get lines though, and that was for putting drawing pins on peoples chairs. It seemed funny at the time.

    I also cheated in a history exam, but i didn't get caught
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    I was about 6 and the class used to change for PE in the classroom - boys and girls. For some reason I took all of my clothes off, the teacher just said "What on EARTH are you doing!" my reply "I thought I was getting ready for bed"

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    I once got told to pull my socks up, I had no idea why I was sent from the room when I replied " but they are up"

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    Once got almost expelled for skipping dancing lessons before the Christmas party( you know girls one side of the hall boys other!) sentenced to the Home Economics class for the remainder of the term....result!!!! I was the most popular bloke on the bus home for weeks with my fairy cakes, jam sponges, bacon & bean bake.
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    I never really got into trouble but had a few embarressing school moments when Iwas 12 I tripped in the school lunch line and got mashed potatos all over my shirt and the guy standing infront of me, but most embarressing was during my sophmore year of high school during a school assembly the chorus which I was in had to sing in front of the rest of the school and this girl who hated me (I have no idea why she did) stepped on my skirt on purpose causing me to fall taking half the chorus with me and as if that wasn't bad enough my skirt got pulled down to my ankles. The whole school got to see my pretty pink underwear with padding(it was my time of the month) I ran off the stage crying. I did come back to finish the concert though.
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    Default "Oh no"

    Can anyone remember doing something extremely embarrising at school? When I was in the last year of junior school, at morning assembly I was daydreaming,when I came to everyone was looking at me.The teacher at the end of my line told me afterwards that when heads were bowed for prayer I started clapping,then looked at my teacher,waved and said "alrite mum".This makes me cringe everytime I think about it That was the path set for the rest of my schooling,I dont think things were ever the same again Still a bit mad now and Im 40 in a few weeks!!!

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    I've never fogotten this, ...though I can laugh now! But it was embarrassing at the time - I was in primary 7. I wrote this poem, which I later published in a book of poetry I called 'Fragments' as a tributal-laugh to it...
    A Christening

    Shouldering bone to the large cedar door
    resisting the weight on the handle
    like a newly - felled tree
    it slammed hard behind me
    whilst I inhaled a chestful of candle

    An entrance now foiled by the silence I`d spoiled
    made it clear I was late for the mass
    all the heads turned around
    as the teacher`s brow frowned
    as I joined with the rest of my class

    I`d ran all the distance from home to the church
    falling over and scraping my knee
    my stomach was mourning
    the breakfast I`d missed
    and I desperately needed a pee

    My classmates from school started playing the fool
    making "psssss!" sounds and slowly going "!"
    I needed great strength
    to maintain my control
    so I inwardly prayed for this wish

    Then the third time we knelt, I immediately felt
    such an urge that no dam could contain
    I could only let go
    As Id started to flow
    and my duffle-coat started to stain

    It was, firstly, quite warm and a certain relief
    as I knelt there creating this pool
    then, beginning to sting
    became discomforting
    and it stank as it started to cool

    The seventh grade girls sat directly behind
    heaping scorn on my mountain of shame
    and all the way back
    to the school from the church
    they adopted my new Christened name.....

    "PISHY - BREEKS!!" - they called me.


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    i was a big six million dollar man fan when i was at primary school and while we were waitng for the teacher to turn up i was re-enacting a scene rom the previous nights show in front of the whole class (in slow motion of course) using one of those window poles with the hook on the end. What i didn't realise was that the headmaster was stood at the classroom doorway watching the whole thing. I didn't notice until i'd finished and wondered what all the sniggering was about. i turned around to face him and wanted the ground to open up. He just shook his head and called me a "Bionic twit".

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    I was about ten years old. It was a PE lesson and we were playing crab-football in the hall. I hated PE and was pretty hopeless at most sports. I could also never remember who was in my team when we played games like this. The ball came to me, I was near the goal-mouth with no one challenging me, so I took a shot. It went in! It was my own goal. I can hear the sneers and groans of ridicule even today.

    (By the way, that is a wonderful poem, Andy! )

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    what's crab football??


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