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Thread: famous films on space hoppers

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    Default famous films on space hoppers

    hello all

    thought you might like to look at these films which are doing the rounds on line and beyond at the mo. 1 and 2 min versions of famous films performed with spacehoppers.


    spacehopper quadrophenia - using authentic brighton beach location
    spacehopper psycho - spacehopper technology with hitchcock direction
    spacehopper dogs - gangsters the spacehopper way
    spacehopper alien - something differant bursts outof the chest
    spring kong - a true epic
    the spacehopper Italian Job - forget minis, this is how it should have been.

    Hope you have as much fun watching as we did making. future suggestions welcome.

    ianku x

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    That's REAL good! Especially the Alien tribute! Adam Buxton would be proud! Keep up the good work.

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