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    This 1970's television drama was broadcast on ITV network and was only 7 episodes long.The story was set in Wiltshire and was based around a small village which had stone circles. Astrophysicist, Adam Brake and his son Matthew move to the village to enable him to study the stones for his university. There are lots of weird happenings around the village, the villagers and the stones and each episode brought new light to what was really happening. Adam and Matthew try to leave the village in fear of becoming 'Happy Ones' like their new friends but are stopped by the strange stones. They then take it upon themselves to find out the real cause of these strange events.Children of the Stones had a real element of the supernatural & psychic which made this drama super spooky.


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    it was very spooky indeed.
    indeed it did have a supernatural feel to it.
    for a kids show.
    there where not that many episodes if i remember right.
    scared me for sure.

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