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Thread: pregnant pound puppy??

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    Default pregnant pound puppy??

    I have been searching for weeks now trying to find a pound puppy that was pregnant. My son had one in either 1989 or 90 or 91 not quite sure it was a long time ago. She wasn't the puppy surprise. She had a velco tummy with a litter of pups inside. The babies were filled with beanie type material and the moms stuffing was regular. The mom and all the babies all had soft faces with no plastic but the eyes. I have been going crazy trying to find out the name of them. I want to buy one asap because I have a grand baby coming soon amd I want her to have one like her Dad did when he was little. I'm pretty certain they were pound puppies. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

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    Check this page out tammie,it's from DYR main page.
    There are no pregnant ones on ebay at the moment,but it may be worth going back and checking,from time to time.
    Looking on the main page I also found these called puppie suprise.
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    Cool,Thats got to be the one,Heather

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    Default Re: pregnant pound puppy??

    And the fuss they made when the barbie dog did a poo!!!! Pregnant pups tut.LOL

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    Found it! Thanks to Grackle... thanks to everyone else who tried to help.

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    Default Re: pregnant pound puppy??


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    another member daz

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    I know,but she didn't post on this thread
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    Nope you're right she found the snarling dog on a different thread
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    Ya sorry. I thanked someone for helping me find the other stuffed dog I was looking for. I was looking for the "pooch patrol" on a different post and then I was looking for the pregnant pound puppy and found it was indeed the "puppy surprise". The old puppy surprise looked a lot different then the new ones.
    I was looking to replace some of my sons old favorite toys from when he was a little boy because I wanted my grand daughter to have the same toys her dad had as a child. I've found them thanks to this great website and even better all the great people that help out just for the fun of it.
    I'm a grandma now. March 26, 2007 My grand daughter is five days old. LOVE IT!!! Thanks again

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