View Full Version : June 1978

20-02-2008, 15:33
I remember a local club had a party on that night , they did a countdown the same as for New Year but to 12.34

that was cos it was then 12.34 5/6/78

20-02-2008, 15:37
Surely it was 00.34 LOL

20-02-2008, 15:44
We said so at the time but the club didn't think it would get many punters at lunchtime ( this was in seventies so licensed hours would have been last orders at 3 anyway)

Any excuse for a booze up

20-02-2008, 15:48
Say no more ;) I can relate to that one ;)

05-12-2008, 11:18
Looking back at this post and thinking back to that much simpler time - who used 24 hour clock anyways back then ?

12.34 was either in the morning or night time - 00.34 was still a bit of a strange concept cos digital watches hadn't long been out!

My wach at the time was for my 18th and lasted me into mid-twenties

07-08-2009, 11:44
On Friday,August 7,2009 (Yes today in 3/4 of an hour!) at 12:34:and 56 seconds -digital clocks will read 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

07-08-2009, 14:53
What an anti-climax that was!!!!
lots of internet theories said "the end was nigh " , "you're doomed etc"

I sat staring at the time on my mobile and then the big moment came and went with nothing observable happening .

Unless I'm now existing in an afterlife that's a parallel to my flesh and blood life? ( Sob, whimper, not this for eternity? ) NOOOOOOOOO !