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Does anyone remember what this Puzzle book was called?

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  • Does anyone remember what this Puzzle book was called?

    Some time in the early to mid 80s Steve Jackson, of Fighting Fantasy fame, brought out a book called "The Tasks of Tantalon" where you had to solve 12 puzzles by looking at 12 different pictures and the answers would give you a number.... eventually you had to add all the numbers together and, if your answer was one of the numbers on the last page, you had passed the Tasks of Tantalon and the magical kingdom had a new king.

    I recently got hold of a copy of "The Tasks of Tantalon" on Amazon for 1! and it got me thinking about other books along similar lines that came out around the same time and I'm wondering if any of you may know the name of one in particular as I'm desperate to get my hands on it again as I think they will be great for when my son is a bit older.

    The book in question was a similar puzzle book and was a sort of "Indiana Jones" type adventure involving a mask of some sort and, if I recall correctly, a missing stone (A bit like the one Indy is looking for in "The Temple of Doom"). One picture I remember very clearly was of the old cliched arab guy with a knife cutting the rope bridge you are trying to cross. I also remember that the solution involved tracing the shapes of some fragments of a diary that were positioned at the top of each page and assembling them to form a mask that, if I remember correctly, you had to place over the cover at the end.

    Please can someone tell me what this book was called? Its driving me insane. lol