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Boys Bumper Book With Scary Stories

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  • Boys Bumper Book With Scary Stories

    I had this bumper story book which I think if I remember correctly was kind of A4 in size, and on the front cover it had images of scary faces and coffins, and I am sure it was a greenish colour although I may be wrong as I am talking about a book I had over 42 years ago, lol.

    I am positive that it was named as a bumper book being that it was thickish many pages, the problem I have is that I can't remember too much about any stories in it, or if it was a UK production or from the USA.

    There may have been a story about someone being buried alive, but it was that kind of book with scary stories, cartoon drawings not real pictures so to speak.

    If anyone remembers having a book like this or can maybe shed a little light on it I would be truly grateful, and I am sorry I cant remember much about it but it may just kick on someone's memory that they may have had this book themselves.

    The years would have been early 1970's but can't give the exact year of that decade.

    Thanks in advance.