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Three books I read as a kid.

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  • Three books I read as a kid.

    Been trying to find these for so long now, it's driving me round the bend.

    1) I remember reading this as a kid, it's not part of the Point Horror or Fear Street series as far as I can tell, but it is YA Horror. Two siblings, a brother and sister I believe, are worried about their missing parents, and they begin to investigate. It's not long before they discover their parents were either part of or on the run from a cult.

    2) The story is about two siblings who are homeless, the book is set in the future and in the sequel the boy has an operation or an implant that grants him partial sight.
    And that is literally all I can remember.

    3) Ok, this is a book I have been looking for since I was a kid because I remember reading it and no longer have the book.
    The book is about a little girl who lives at or has recently moved to the seaside, there she befriends another girl called Lilith who happens to be a ghost.
    I am pretty sure she died in the Lighthouse, or at least haunts it, and I remember at one point she (the ghost) gets angry about something, and I don't think the girl knows Lilith is a ghost.
    I also remember a mental image I pictured while reading the book of the girl playing in the garden and the ghost watching her.
    I dunno, all I know is it was a hardback book with a blue cover and (possibly) a Lighthouse on it.