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  • Twinkle 1980s and 1990s

    Hi, Can anyone remember these stories in Twinkle - or have I got the names wrong? Sooty - this was a black kitten. Grandpa's Magic Mirror - little girl went on adventures through the mirror, I think. The Wishing Word - a mystery story ending with the solving of the Wishing Word.
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    Re: Twinkle 1980s and 1990s

    Hi Anne
    Twinkle- my sis used to get it...for the free 'ladybird ring' etc.
    the story strips - according to wiki are:
    • Nurse Nancy - Nancy and her grandad have a toy hospital.
    • Jean Genie - every time Gemma slaps the back pocket of her jeans a genie appears to grant her wish. The story is probably named after the song by David Bowie.
    • Goody Gumdrops - Goody lives in Sweetie Town, where everyone is named after sweets.
    • Jenny Wren - Jenny is a little girl who likes to dress up and make herself look pretty.
    • Witch Winkle - Wendy Wilson has a very unusual friend - a witch called Winkle.
    • Polly's Magic Paintbox - Whatever Polly paints comes to life because of her magic paints.
    • Goldilocks and her Three Bears
    • My Baby Brother - The adventures of a young girl and her baby brother.
    • The Three Pennys - The adventures of 3 girls, all named Penny.
    • Caroline and her Magic Car - Caroline has a magic car that will take her anywhere.
    • Patsy Panda
    • Silly Milly - She tries to do things right but always lands in a muddle.
    • Patty Pickle - similar to Silly Milly.
    • Sally Sweet
    • Molly and her Dollies
    • Dandy Lion
    • Jilly of Jingle Bell School


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      Re: Twinkle 1980s and 1990s

      Hi DSCOMAN. Thanks for the link. I think there are several strips missing from the list, but it's a good place to start.


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        Re: Twinkle 1980s and 1990s

        I remember once getting up early when we were on holiday & walking to the local paper shop as it opened on the Tuesday of the holiday to get Twinkle which came out on Tuesday's! It was gloriously sunny, 1983 I think. I remember Nurse Nancy & Jenny Wren most. A friend from University was once a Twinkle cover girl