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The Ghost in the Attic Audio Cassette

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  • The Ghost in the Attic Audio Cassette

    Does anyone remember a 80s audio cassette (white in with gray letters?) with a story for kids called The Ghost in the Attic? (There may or may not have been a picture book that accompanied it.)

    The story wasn’t scary. It was about a ghost in the attic who took things from around the house. The family notices things going missing and the boy of the family interacts with the ghost. The story ends with the ghost completing some sort of accomplishment or milestone which means he’s graduated from being in-training or a beginner ghost. I think his name was Pip-Chick and when he “leveled up” he shortened his name to Pip.

    I’m not sure that it was even called The Ghost in the Attic, but it’s hard to search for it because apparently there are a lot of other products out there with the same name. Can anyone help me out on this?

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    Oh! Found it. Ghost in the Attic, Supraner, Robyn