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Bandanas and Headscarves in the 1970s

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  • Bandanas and Headscarves in the 1970s

    Hello everyone, I'm Trisha from Yorkshire and am a new member! I'd like to ask a question about a fashion trend in the mid to late 1970s - my girl friends and I would often wear a small square cotton scarf (called a bandana?) in a triangle over our hair, tied under the hair at the back of the neck. Usually, the scarves were either dark blue or red, with white paisley swirls or white polka dots. It was a very popular look for us and we all wore them regularly. Do other members remember this look too, or was it just a local thing? I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers this trend, and especially from ladies who wore them. Do you have any photos of you wearing them? Do you ever wear one now? I still wear one from time to time, and have also seen both my daughters wearing them too. Thank you x