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  • 70s fashion

    needing a bit of help here, we're going to have a bit of a retro night, with records, fondue, spacehoppers.. and dressing up. what i want to know is what top and accessories i should wear, i have hipster flares and Docs, but dont know what to put them with that really emulates the 70's.
    (feel free to suggest whole outfits though, i dont mind buying some different trousers/skirt as well)


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    you want flowery accessories, a flower or 2 in your hair and chunky bracelets likes the ones you see in the shops at the moment, new look and dotty p's have a good selection.
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      Cricket-style tank tops with v-necks. If you've a colour printer you could run off a few smiley badges, peace signs, etc. & stick them on with a pin. Sufficient for the night.

      Enjoy !
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        70s fashion

        a good outfit to go in would be a gypsy skirt and gathered top, very 1976 but also not out of place today, if you're female and if you're male well hey go like that anyway!


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          And throw an afghan waistcoat over the lot!
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            How about sidepockets, trousers, though in hindsight they looked like combats now....


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              A Snorkle(?) or a parka, you had a choice in those days, had a parka, but then a Snorkle , weird lookin when you zipped up the hood though.