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    Originally posted by Richard1978
    Quite a few arcades seemed to change the video games for gambling machines after the mid 1990s, when home consoles started to have games as good as the ones found in arcades & owners of arcades found they could make more money from gambling machines.
    I think that the Gambling Commission had a lot to do with the changes.
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      Originally posted by amethyst View Post
      Who loved to go on the piers whilst on their seaside holidays.

      Maybe the odd loose plank of wood as you were walking along

      If it was a long pier you could jump on the pier train

      Old gents sitting on the seats with a knotted handkerchief on their head

      Amusements I rem the penny one arm bandits

      The machine with a silver marble going around where you had to keep it in play to win fruit polos or something

      The noises of the machines the laughing policeman

      That machine with MONEY and maybe a watch where this arm had to reach for them for you to win,There was a catch it never worked
      I have fond memories of fishing off piers, some of them used to have dedicated areas/platforms where you could cast a line. It really used to be a family type of affair...the kids (including myself) loved it!
      Woolworths fishing tackle... happy days!
      Wish I still had my Winfield Bass Fisher reel