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influential people from your past (non celeb edition)

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  • influential people from your past (non celeb edition)

    Which person from your past has influenced your outlook on life? Resist the temptation to sight your parents or celebrities.

    If the person i am naming could read this he would laugh his socks off at the very thought, i was always a conscientious worker in my job selling furniture, always on time, never off sick and hard working, however i was rarely given credit by the bosses and it was taken for granted that the job would be done without complaint or expectation of praise or reward beyond getting my monthly salary.
    One particular day we started a new salesman, his name was Dave and he had a very extrovert personality and was incredibly popular with staff and management, however his work ethic was to put it mildly "questionable" but he could get away with murder and nobody would blink an eyelid,whilst i could be breaking my back getting the job done with no acknowledgement whatsoever.
    Sounds like sour grapes eh? well maybe a little but a year or so later i found new employment in the same role and even before starting i decided i was going to adopt the same attitude to work that Dave had, happy go lucky and not giving a damn. Sure enough i became a hit with my fellow workers and bosses alike as well as becoming a much more mellow person and not fretting the small stuff, a policy i adopt to this day.
    Ejector seat?...your jokin!