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That disabled girl called Alison..

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  • That disabled girl called Alison..

    Back in eighties there was this girl who had some kind of birth defect , she ended up marrying a vicar on some documentary about her, this gave her the old fifteen minutes of fame and she had a few months as a host on saturday morning telly.
    I remember her having trouble keeping her head still while she asked Jason Donovan about his newly launched singing career as he'd just left Neighbours

    I know she was called Alison but that's the total of my recollections, anyone else remember her ?

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    Re: That disabled girl called Alison..

    Hi Danny,

    I remember watching this as well. She was called Alison French and she first appeared on 40 Minutes in 1988.

    ", Alison: The original 1988 documentary film about Alison French, a young woman with cerebral palsy, is followed by an update showing what happened to her next."

    Timewatch did a follow up in the 90's:


    You know you're getting old when Dr. Who starts looking young!


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      Re: That disabled girl called Alison..

      Cheers for this my friend,

      had started convincing myself I lived in a parallel universe with different channels to everyone else

      Wonder how she's getting on nowadays ? - - -as I recall she had very outspoken views on sex and morality so that's prob why she ended up as the vicars wife


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        Re: That disabled girl called Alison..

        Alison is now called Ally John, and she's still working tirelessly on behalf of the disabled at Alison John & associates.

        Here is a link to her website

        About Us - Biographies of Alison John Associates


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          Re: That disabled girl called Alison..

          Hi there

          cheers for update , I thought she had just walked off into obscurity