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    One of the most luckless young men to try and ride the Glam rock bandwagon. He first came to the UK in 1974 when he was managed by Andrew Oldham (former Stones manager), did an appearance on Russell Harty's show for his single 'Space Age Love Song' backed with 'Va Va Va Voom'. His wide eyed dreams were crushed when the record company shelved the release of the album after the single bombed, and remained in the vaults until 2003 when it was picked up by RPM Records.

    By then he had grown up, led a hellish life in New York with no work or recognition by the music industry, and it revitalised him as a cult rocker in New York.

    His site is and he seems very obsessed with Israeli politics, even though he is not from there (he was however raised a devout Catholic). Sounds like a very intelligent, but sad and rueful man.