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  • RIP Frank Bough

    The former broadcaster and sports presenter Frank Bough has died at the age of 87.

    Bough started out on the BBC presenting various sports programmes from around 1964 onwards, and eventually got the plum job of presenting Grandstand on Saturday afternoons in the 1970s and early 1980s, shadowing Dickie Davies as the face of sport at the weekends, and no, in reference to a thread on this forum last year, he didn't do a Saturday morning children's television series at that time either for Grandstand would have taken too much of his time back then.

    In 1983 he was the first regular male presenter of Breakfast Time where he appeared alongside Selina Scott, and enjoyed a two week start on TV-am and David Frost - he stayed with the programme for four years, making it into the relaunched News version in 1986, and eventually leaving to go to the Holiday programme. Bough also ironically appeared on the 1984 TV-am Christmas tape as well, introducing Jayne Irving at the news desk. After some controversies of his private life captured by the tabloid press, which more or less meant the end of his BBC career (a la Richard Bacon in 1998), Bough switched to ITV to do Six O'clock Live for LWT as well as presenting Moneywise - a Money Programme-alike show on Friday afternoons in some ITV regions. He also presented some programmes for Sky not long after they had launched.

    By the mid 1990s Bough went into retirement, and in around 2003 when breakfast television reached 20 years on BBC 1, one of the middle-market tabloids published a picture of Bough shopping in his hometown High Street, carrying a supermarket shopping bag, not looking too much different from when he was on Breakfast Time in 1983, (in the days looking older when you were younger meant that you won't change after that) , but deciding now to join the celebrations. "I've retired, and I wish them all well", he said.

    Along with Selina Scott, Frank Bough was given an honourable mention by Trevor Cleaver in Grange Hill during the "let's hijack Mr Scott's tutorial" episode from 1987, and he was one of the many celebrities which made up in the inspiration for Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge.

    He passed away in a care home on Wednesday of last week at the age of 87.
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