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  • RIP Robin Windsor

    Probably the biggest Windsor to pass away in the UK since the late HM Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022 (and certainly the biggest Windsor to appear on British TV since the late Queen), the professional dancer Robin Windsor, who had appeared on Strictly Come Dancing for many years, has died aged 44. During his stint on Strictly, he had been paired with familiar names such as Patsy Kensit; Anita Dobson; Lisa "Mandy Dingle" Riley; and Deborah Meaden.

    He was also on the pantomime circuit in the mid to late 2010s (not the only Robin to appear at Christmas!), and was admired by members of the public such as Yours Truly. I might have got his autograph as a result of my PantoGraphs project; in this case, it was not the "PantoGraphs" that we think of, but it was a portmanteau of "pantomime" and "autographs" and it results in sending an autograph book in the post around the country to different theatres in December and January in recent years in order to get the signatures of the stars of selected pantomimes, and Robin Windsor might have been one of many of them who had signed my book. I know that he featured prominently on some of the publicity posters which the theatres gave out.

    Windsor was 44, while I am 45; he was born in Ipswich in September 1979 (a town that I visited in 2012; the same year which he was paired with Lisa Riley on Strictly), while I was born the year before in 1978. It just shows you that one doesn't have to be old for things to happen, and that I was older than him by over a year. Again, it is a shock that this has happened, and it has happened quite a bit in recent times that someone younger than myself has passed away.
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    Must admit it was a sock to hear of his death.
    As he looks ir pretty godd physsical condition.

    I guess when its ur time its ur time.

    R i p robin.


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      It's always sad to hear of someone younger than myself dying.
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