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RIP Steve Harley (of Cockney Rebel fame)

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  • RIP Steve Harley (of Cockney Rebel fame)

    It was only yesterday that I was looking at the "List of Stage Names" page on Wikipedia - - and I just happened to see a certain musician on that page who had the birth name of Stephen Nice on the list. It was indeed nice that he changed it and that he happened to take the familiar stage name of Steve Harley. He became famous as the main member of Cockney Rebel, had several hits including the number one hit "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)" in which I heard recently while shopping in a local Tesco Express just a few weeks ago. Harley has died at the age of 73.

    Just a few months before his number one victor, he also had the relatively minor hit "Mr Soft" which was written by Harley and was used to advertise Trebor Softmints in around 1987 - does anyone remember that advert which consisted of a man walking down a street, looking just as soft and padded as everything around him was (a bit like how the cardboard cutouts in the Paddington Bear series were seen on screen), in which everything else was all white and was otherwise just colourless, and soft such as the trees, buildings and even walks into the lamppost that he knocks himself out at the end? Even one of the kids at school used to interrupt the teacher during lessons and singing it, mostly because of the advert rather than the original 1974 hit.

    Another big one gone.
    I've everything I need to keep me satisfied
    There's nothing you can do to make me change my mind
    I'm having so much fun
    My lucky number's one
    Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

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    Originally posted by George 1978 View Post
    Another big one gone.
    Same here too George, I think it is fair to say of course we an not like every singer/band from certain eras but we knew them an respected them - even if we was no-where near thrilled on the song - it was like the Billy Bremner v Kevin Keegan row on the Wembley Pitch in the 1970s. We liked some but not alla nd most commanded respect like Billy and Kevin have, but it is shocking regardless to see them all passing on as it is with Steve of course

    Steve Harley and his Group was'nt my style/cuppa Tea but I recall many a time hearing his 1 major hit Come Up (and Make Me Smile) after finding the DAB Radio Station Gold in the midst of the first year of the Covid Pandemic from '20 to '21. I must admit it has grown on me but I am only into certain 1970s Music - the early 80s everything changed Cycle again - with the Electro Group Movement or rather electric Equipment being favoured other Guitars.

    Still regardless Steve Harley does belong to that Golden Era of Music that also included the late 70s - including of The Buggles with Video Killed The Radio Star that went onto be a parady when Robbie Williams did Reality Killed The Video star to keep the theme going (which in a way was sad but great, as it represents how we have traversed from Records to Tapes to CDs to M3s etc and back to the Tapes and Records over the last 50 years

    RIP Steve Harley


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      Was really sad to hear this news. R i p steve.

      So many musicians have dropped away over the last few yrs.

      Being in your seventies is bad for musicians


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        No way! Sad to hear that

        You've done it all, you've broken every code...

        One of my favourite songs


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          Fine songwriter, first three Cockney rebel albums are all fantastic

          RIP Steve


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            I must look into his back catalogue