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Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

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  • Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

    in this thread i was wondering when did their schools open when did you attend etc.
    if we are allowed to can we put up pics or are schools official website of which my primary school has one.

    my primary school officially opened on november 1970.
    i attended in 1980.

    the school was named after the reverend millington and was built to replace thomas Street and Church Street School.
    It was named after Rev Can Millington who was Rector of St Mark’s Church for many years and a great supporter of local education.
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    Re: Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

    My high school which I attended between 1978 and 1982 was built in 1963 and was unimaginatively named La Quinta because it was the fifth school to be built as part of the schools construction scheme at the time with La Quinta being Spanish for "the Fifth." I'm pretty sure that "High School No. 5" was also considered.


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      Re: Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

      A little history on one of my schools.
      Ashgrove School opened in 1973, it was originally for the deaf. In 2002, all the deaf students moved to mainstream and it became a school for autism/aspergers when they merged in September 1997. I attended The Lindens in January 1997 which was ready to move into Ashgrove, I left in 2004. The Lindens was a Victorian style house now turned into luxury flats. Although Ashgrove is no longer a school for the deaf, there's still the school road sign outside and underneath it says 'deaf children'.


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        Re: Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

        Mine was Abenhall Secondary School which I attended from 1974-1977 which later changed it's name to Dene Magna
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          Re: Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

          Primary school "Studley green county primary" opened in 1960 on the estate where I lived. On it's first day a kid crossing the road going to school was run down and killed. I started primary in 1972 left in 1978.Secondary school was originally two schools. A girls high school built in the 1930's and a boys boarding school built in the late 19th century. They were separated by a high wall until the 1960's when the two school became a large secondary school and renamed. I won't mention the name here. Unfortunately I went there between 1978 and 1983.


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            Re: Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

            Infant's was South Ossett infant school. Stone built with a huge shiny bark-stripped tree trunk in the yard to play on. A socket held the maypole once a year. Right next to the church. Mrs Kirby was the head teacher. The nearest was Dimple Wells primary but they did phonetic spelling (70's version, not the current one) and my mum was dead suspicious of phonetic spelling so I walked further.

            Junior was the Victorian built Southdale School, with separate entrances for girls and boys (ignored). The outside loos were still there and we had to break the ice with a stick to use them in winter.

            Ossett Comprehensive was originally Ossett Grammar, and is now Ossett Academy. I left two weeks into the 2nd year to live in ZA for five miserable years and Matriculated (so to speak, not very good results) in 1985.

            People I've met since that had the 70's phonetic teaching have said they can't spell very well, and that that's why. I can spell just fine, and have since done a BSc thus proving that school is pretty much pointless.

            Was totally inspired though by the science teacher that used to dip chippy chips in bicarb and feed them to the seagulls. Seagulls can't burp, so they, well ...

            People on Friends Reunited remember him too. Odd how some things stick in your brain. The Head of Year told him off in the end.


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              Re: Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

              Started life at Quinton primary school in Statford Upon Avon but only went there for 1 year as my dad left the army and we moved to Northampton

              I then wenty to Bellinge lower school until I was 9 - where I spent most of my time in mobile classrooms (do they still exist)

              Next was a school called Blackthorn Middle. This was a brand new school when I went there and has recently been demolished which makes me feel really old but in reality is because of a recent change to the 2 tier schooling system

              Finally I went to Lings upper school, which for want of a better word was a S**t hole and needed to be demolished where I let what was a promising education fall by the way side - but I loved the place and would go back in a heart beat

              Ironically my kids all went to the same lower school as me and my wife now works there and they all went to the new academy that is on the site of my upper school which I think eventually fell down

              School days - best days ever !!!!
              Age is just a number - If yours bothers you stop counting


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                Re: Your schools a brief history when did you attend.

                Was looking for something else in the search facility and this thread caught my eye. Anyway...

                Infant School - opened 1970 - still in existence, although pre-1970 it might have already been there under a different name. Had a 25th anniversary reunion there in 1995, hence 1970 being the year of opening. Interesting to see whether they will mark 50 years in 2020 (next year from a 2019 perspective as I am writing this). Was a pupil: 1982-1983 (Nursery) and 1983-1985 (Infants).

                Junior School - probably opened in the 1920s or 1930s looking at how old the buildings are - still in existence, although it has changed its name in recent years and have been acquired as part of an academy along with other schools in that area. Was a pupil: 1985-1989.

                Comprehensive School - opened in 1968 as a result of a merger between a local boys' and a girls' school with the old names being combined for the new school, although one could argue that as both schools existed before 1968, the start of the new school wasn't quite the beginning. Closed in 1995 because of it was too close to another comprehensive school in the area, and by the time it did close, most pupils went to the other schools, meaning that there were around a dozen pupils left who went to the same school that I did. Poetic justice in a way considering it would have been swallowed up by the academy if it had still existed. Was a pupil: 1989-1994.
                Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!